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Astrology Readings In , Hank researched astrology to disprove it. Rigorously trained in science, in premed and in neurochemistry graduate work, he tested the accuracy of Western astrology for several years. To his surprise, most of astrology's principles worked. Since then, he has designed his own charts and reports, to enhance his chart readings, and has continued to deepen his understanding by studying Vedic astrology. He has taught many astrology workshops, and mentored professional astrologers. In , Hank wrote the book, "Astrology on your Personal Computer," and now writes astrology software reviews for several journals.

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He helps astrologers find the best software for their needs, teaches classes, tutors individuals, and is the astrologer-in-residence at Shambhala Bookstore in Berkeley, California. Hank's birth chart readings illuminate one's essential qualities, lifelong patterns, and present cycles, integrating Western and Eastern astrological approaches and Hank's psychic gifts. The couples' chart reading explores each partner's relationship patterns, the purposes of the relationship, and the dynamics between the two charts, and how best to navigate them.

Predictive readings show what cycles are approaching, their purpose, and how to use them optimally, avoid pitfalls, and maximize growth. Finally, Hank finds the best times for getting married and for starting businesses. All sessions will follow the schedule below:. As stated in the Bhagavad Gita: We are immortal souls. We are Atma trying to reach the Paramatma.


We are all unified, nothing is separate. Karma is our actions, which we perform based on how intelligent we are with the energies of the 9 planets. These past decisions create our current reality. Dharma is truth and righteousness.

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We must accept the truth of our Karma and act righteously in order to become enlightened. Acting with the knowledge that we are divine, immortal souls allows us to act in accordance to the highest Dharma or truth. Astrology shows us our place in this present moment and how far along we are in our Karmic path towards enlightenment. We see your natural tendencies and ignorances.

This helps us to bring self awareness and to evolve. Planets give us our Karma. We always have the free will to react and evolve. Astrology lets us see and break from our tendencies. Example: If we have a weak Mars you can be compelled in your mind towards violence. However, if you are aware, you can work through that physical energy with exercise, thus evolving your karma with Mars.

Who is Astrologer Eshwar?

Save Saved. Schedule This class will be held as Remote LIVE Instructor led Online course comprising 14 sessions over the course of 7 weeks with 2 sessions per week.

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Dharma and Karma are two laws of the Universe Karma is our actions, which we perform based on how intelligent we are with the energies of the 9 planets. Truth is delivered based on our actions.

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Past actions give us the present situations. Dharma is what is happening, Karma is how it comes about. The 9 planets are avatars of Vishnu that store and deliver or Karma when the time is right. Planets in Sanskrit are Grahas, which means seize or grasp.


Based on planetary positions, we see how evolved we are with the 9 energies. We see the truth of our present situation, determined by our past Karma. We learn where we stand in this Universe and what we need to evolve.