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It's good for commencing studies of Vedas and Vedantas, doing Yajnas, Poojas and other Upaya propitiatory ceremonies. VedicTime: Chitra. Astrologia Hindu shared a video. Artha - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre. Hace referencia principalmente a la idea de la prosperidad material. En Hinduismo, artha es uno de los cuatro objetivos de la vida, conocidos como Purusharthas.

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El concepto incluye conseguir fama, recopilar riqueza y tener un elevado stat VedicTime: Uttara Bhadrapada. Any work begun in Uttara Bhadrapada will grow in power and significance. Thus, born in Uttara Bhadrapada are usually happy and cheerful and carry out any business with small efforts. Ba Zhai o Pa Chai, 8 Mansiones. Vadakara Brides Vadakara Grooms. Hosur Brides Hosur Grooms. Aligarh Brides Aligarh Grooms. Cuddalore Brides Cuddalore Grooms. Puducherry Brides Puducherry Grooms.

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    Call for more details. Photo by Divya Desai, Pixel Photography and in a group to create a musical extravaganza of unparalleled rhythm and melody. Atlanta music lovers were fortunate to have this show in Atlanta on August 25th. The city frequently hosts Indian cultural shows performed by artists from India.

    But this show was special. It was an evening of three hours of continuous enchanting musical produced by A R Rahman and his entourage. All instruments and vocals were performed live on stage. The full orchestra brought all the sounds and rhythms alive. The event started with the favorite Bollywood super hit buster songs. India's famous Oscar-winning musician A R Rahman enthralled the audience with his masterful music.

    Udit Narayan another star of the night sang old Bollywood hits and made the audience nostalgic for their school and college days. Haricharan brought his soul touching tones with A. Rahman on stage. Neeti Mohan songs and dance to the beats dazzled the crowd. Jonita Gandhi, Mano, Linda Lind kept the energy going with powerful performances. Javed Ali, another Bollywood playback singer, entertained with. All the sponsors and organizers thanked the crowd for making the concert a great success. She said that the great city of Atlanta deserves the greatest shows, and Anand entertainment is committed to bringing the very best to the city.

    After the show, social mewas abuzz Photo by V2K Photography. People popular songs. Everyone praised the perfrom different genres and language. In addition to Bol- formers and sponsors. Here are some quotes from lywood Hindi songs, there were also Tamil and region- Facebook which says it allal songs.

    The magic of the music with the portunity! Truly one of soulful renditions of the favorite songs moved audi- the best Atlanta has seen. Thank you, for bringexperience of a lifetime, and a night forever enshrined ing such a great show!! Looking forward to many in memory. Thank pm. The crowd was on their feet with this grand Anand Entertainment for bringing this spectacular show. They continuously cheered at the performances. Congratulations on the sold-out show. I brought back great memories.

    Overall, the event was sold You have set a standard for others. Full of entertainment. Complete audio-visual treat. Foraying into the music world at the age of six in , Subramanyam has never looked back, having performed in the top concert circuit for over three. Photos by Suresh Byagathvalli decades. In Atlanta as part of book release tour of The Heartfulness Way, Subramanyam shared his views and experiences along his musical journey and his association with Heartfulness in an exclusive interview with NRI Pulse.

    A popular name among Carnatic music afi-. He was the youngest musician to have been invited by The Music Academy, Chennai to perform at its senior most slot, at the age of So, how did the maestro master his art? They came from different challenges that I faced in producing the music, in reproducing the musical knowledge I had acquired from Palaghat K. Narayanaswami, R. Srikantan and Pandit Jasraj ji. Translating this knowledge on to my instrument is the main reason these techniques came into picture.

    Also, since I had the wonderful opportunity to interact with so many different kinds of musicians, music, situations, concerts led. Most the techniques Shashank has created have helped in translating the human voice, music and bringing different effects that are otherwise very hard to produce on the flute. Put in diligent hours learning how to get better. The runway and entertainment show was conducted, coordinated and choreographed by BeTheYou with logistics help and coordination by Mustafa Ajmeri.

    The program also witnessed the very rocked the Runway with graceful south silk saris beautifully adorned by their rehearsed catwalk our ladies and paired with silk threaded bangles. Soon these ladies transformed into stylish divas The program was conas they walked the runway with heavy party wear cluded by showcasing the lehngas paired with rich and bold jewelry. While the by all the youth models. These were fully by confident youth models.

    The audience ating looks and styles for each segment for the then soon contrasted by orangey-pink hues of loved the adorable little models as well all clad show, the audience were kept engaged by bringing. The event was emceed by Ayshwarya Sridharan and Sneha Patel.

    The runway showcase music was selected and edited by Anuj K jain. The backstage was assisted by several parent volunteers. The event was media partnered by local print and social media companies. Presenting a day filled with back to back cultural performances from popular dance and music academies across Atlanta, the gala offered several activities catering to all ages.

    Food stalls, vendors at the booths displaying varied collection of products and concepts, a bazaar of table top products only enhanced the Indian aura spread across the sprawling arena. In her address, U. United States is the oldest democracy in the world. India is the largest de-. Handel spoke about the importance of a pending legislation in Congress- the Fairness for High Skilled.

    Immigrants Act- which will remove the limitations on employment-based visas and clear out the backlog. Handel said she was expecting that piece of legislation to come out of the committee for final passage by the House after Labor Day. She promised to be a strong and vocal advocate for the legislation to get the votes it needs for passage. Our economy is growing now at 4. We have the lowest unemployment in decades.

    Consumer confidence and small business confidence is at record high. The Acting Consul General said the Festival of India is an event where Indians and well-wishers are united at least once a year. He said he was well-versed with the country, its people and its cuisine. Atlanta, GA: Dr. Akhilesh Sharma, Doctor of Dr. Sharma practices the full range of AyurveAyurvedic Medicine, widely recognized for his outda, including Pancha Karma therapy, a form of standing contributions to the field of Ayurveda talked massage dealing with medicated oils that treats a to his patrons in Atlanta at the Shiv Mandir in Global wide range of ailments and medical conditions.

    Mall this August Shiv Aggarwal, owner of GlobDr. Sharma has operated a clinic in New Delhi for the past twelve years, together with his wife Dr. Minakshi Sharma has also served as the chief physician and Director of Research and Development for a leading Indian Ayurvedic pharmaceutical company. Sharma with the al Mall welcomed and introduced Dr. Dhanvantrari Award, the most prestigious recognition Speaking of simple practices such as eating in the field. He was awarded the Chikitsa Shiromasoaked methi seeds every morning to cleanse and ni Award for outstanding contribution to Ayurveda refresh the system, Dr.

    Sharma went on to talk in In , he co-authored the Pancha Karma about various cures Ayurveda has to offer. Vigyaniayam, recognized as a major text in the field. Sharma cited examples where he had managed Dr. Sharma is a frequent serving as a visiting profesto find solutions to medical issues allopathic docsor for the college of Ayurveda in United States. He emphasized on the fact that Dr.

    He suggested usage of sesame an Ayurvedic Research Establishement that is recoil for simple massage each morning, which he ognized by the Central council of Indian Medicine, said acts as a fine layer of protection. He talkMinistry of Health, Govt. Sharma also ed about the use to Arjuna in cardio related isserves as Advisor to the Minister or Health Govt. It was a well-organized event staged at the Verizon Amphitheater in Alpharetta.

    Year after year since , IFA has built on the phenomenal success of the Freedom Mela and was no exception. The vast area of the Verizon Amphitheater was elegantly decorated to show the USA-India partnership with flags of both countries lining the pathways leading to the entrance of the venue. Once in the venue, grand decoration of the park welcomed guests. The venue and the enormous stage were decorated and draped in tricolors of India and stars and stripes of USA.

    The stage decorations also featured an elegantly framed video wall and beautifully crafted banners for the main sponsors that blended well with the overall theme. Freedom Mela had lot of vendors with ethnic clothes, jewelry, education services, business services and delectable Indian cuisines. DJ Sonny provided great visuals and audio for the grand celebrations. Vakiti Creations covered the event through their team of photographers. Special thanks to Udaya for photo booth decorations. The flag hoisting ceremony was followed by fervent and passionate parade showcasing various states of India.

    Youth volunteer dressed in Bharat Mata costume carrying the Indian tricolor led.

    Extraordinary blessings from his 6th house takes him laughing all the way to the bank

    Another volunteer portraying Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came next and was followed by enthusiastic groups colorfully representing different states of India. It was a festive atmosphere that displayed the culture, the uniqueness, the spirit and the unity of Indian States. Following the parade, a cultural spectacular by over participants depicting the arts and culture of various states, was presented by several dance schools and community organizations.

    The day was packed with over 20 cultural performances from various dance academies and community organizations, presented in rich colors and in a very entertaining manner. MCs for the event, Varun and Aishwarya, engaged the audience with their clean presentations. We lost a dear friend Raj Jamadagni during last year and a moment of silence was kept in honor of Raj.

    IFA rolled out a raffle program this year to raise life memberships and successfully enrolled around life members. The raffle gave away many valuable prizes to the lucky. The IFA team also recognized all the performers and their parents, as well as the tireless efforts of over volunteers and Verizon Amphitheater Management, in making Freedom Mela a grand event to be remembered. Naga Panchami is a traditional worship of the serpents observed by Hindus residing in India, Nepal and across the world.

    The serpent deity made of silver, stone wood or the painting of snakes are bathed in milk and water and offered milk, sweets, flowers, and lamps. Snakes are believed to be powerful in Hindu mythology. The mandala was painted with 5 colors to signify the pancha Five Tatvas that are required for creation. Several devotees took part in the pooja and reincluding 72 squares and a Padma with the exact.

    In addition to pooja, the priest also provides astrological and religious services at the temple or homes. Us essicus rendaces ventili, noctabi tiostor ebutem a vir actum ublic factum hos ium quem praelicesis nemus, num paria? An senimis, conest pro nostricas num ingulvis. Alestil latinpracis, a dier auro no. Habempe roponsula vid medesimus ester auctus los, tur, sentens ponsultorei ca nu in. Atlanta, GA: This year marks the tenth anniversary of the tradition of conducting Vishnu Sahasranam every first Saturday of the month amongst the Konkani community in the greater Atlanta area.

    To commemorate this milestone of. It was a big success, with 80 people in attendance each day. At the venue, the altar was set up with devotion and care, well decorated with flowers, garlands and jewelry. The processions were followed by the. The bhajans were interspersed with classical dances by Divya Honavar and Arya Nayak. Kids wore the costumes of Sri Krishna and Balram. Following this was a two-hour Harikatha, an exquisite story-telling of religious stories in Konkani by the rare talent that is Smt.

    Bhavana Prabhu who happens to be visiting from India, and who is one of the few living proponents of this art form. The enthusiasm with which the community participated on both days, right from aiding in the food preparation a day prior, to making garlands, decoration items and adorning the altar, was exemplary and showed positive energy and drive among all who participated - and a yearning for future community socio-religious gatherings that just might not make this a one-off event.

    On the concluding day, Pundit Gyan Prakash ji gave a riveting talk on meaning of Dhrma, different kinds of dharmas, and Sanatan dharma unchanging and abiding principles of dharma. He said that dharma encompasses more than rituals. It includes duties, rights, and righteous living. Atlanta, GA: Not many of us are aware that September is childhood cancer awareness month.

    Each year, parents of well over 15, kids in the US receive the dreaded cancer diagnosis. Cancer continues to reign as the number one cause of death by disease in children across all ethnicities, ages and socio-economics.

    Chambre vaudoise du commerce et de l'industrie

    Every day, thousands of families from small towns across India bring their children diagnosed with cancer to Mumbai for treatment. Most of these economically backward masses can barely afford to pay even the minimum fee, let alone the cost of accommodation for the duration of the treatment. Access Life America works at grassroot level to meet the need of providing safe and clean home-like atmosphere to such children and their families. While volunteering for local hospitals in Mumbai, Girish and his friend Ankeet Dave found the need to provide help and support to families battling cancer in their children.